Ezrekeal Journal entry 21

[All journal entries of Ezrekeal are OOC unless you tell the GM you are going in to my stuff and reading them. No skill check will be needed to do so just let him know. Unless noted it is in Elven]

We returned to clear out the rest of the kobolds from the cave as the halflings watched children we had rescued. Inside the cave we found a good amount of gold, a magic ring, and a strange golden orb. The gold was split among the 4 of us who cleared out the cave. I kept the ring to Identify it later. Turns out it is of minor protection magic. The golden orb was very hot to the touch when we first got it it cooled down a lot on the trip back to town. We where given free room and board, a good amount of coin from the mix of the coins one could only guess that all of the town chipped in.

Asking around for information on the Hermit and the strange orb. Not much but a few leads on where to get more information in Galaphar City . The blacksmith a former member of The Company of Twelve informed me that the golden orb we found may indeed be a dragon egg. He had seen all kinds of chromatic dragons and eggs but never one of gold. this is the only reason he did not destroy it.



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