The Explorers Guild

The Guild

The guild is a group that governs the actions of its members, and those that are like its members. Membership is not required, but it has its uses. The guild mostly over sees what kind of things special individuals do throughout the world. There are 4 ranks withing the guild, all having to do with the scope of what an individual is capable of doing. The lowest rank is the Regional Explorer, these explorers deal with exploring areas around towns, or doing tasks that would benefit a town. The second rank is a State Explorer, these explorers deal with exploring ares within kingdoms, and doing tasks that would benefit a kingdom. The third rank is a Continental Explorer, this rank explores entire continents, and will do tasks that benefit an entire continent. The highest rank within the guild is the World Explorer, these explorers are individuals that have dedicated their life to the leadership of the guild and the exploration of the entire world, as well as the preservation and protection of the world.

Sub Guilds

There are numerous subguilds within the Explorers Guild such as the cartographers guild, the heroes guild, and soldiers guild, and the story tellers guild. All of these guilds fall under the same leadership loosely. They all share the common themes of individuals that wish to be in common with like minded individuals.

Political Affiliation

The Explorer’s guild is officially based out of Spice Port, with it being the largest port in the world it makes a logical place to seat a guild whose main purpose is the explorations of new and undiscovered places. The affiliation that the Explorers guild has with Spice Port is a loose one, since explorers by nature pass through traditional political boundaries, it would not do to have explorers banned from a specific nation because of political ties.

The Explorers Guild

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