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Eztyr is a world that continues to evolve as the players explore and influence the various people, places and factions within the game world. The most interesting part of this game is that it will attempt to be a multiple game world in which multiple games and GMs will contribute to the game world all influencing the world in real time.

A World in Progress

The world of Eztyr is constantly being written and changed. If there is something that you as a player would like to know more about please let the DM know and content will be added, or you will be given an answer. If there is something that you would like to write, please make this known and the DM will work with you on that endeavor.

House Rules

Take a moment to review the house rules. These may change periodically due to various factors.

Getting Started

If you have been asked to join an Eztyr game then you are in for an excellent time. The first step is to create a character. At this time characters will be created on paper initially and be entered into Obsidian Portal to etch them permanently into the world of Eztyr.

The first step is generating statistics, this will be done by using the point buy system found in the Dungeons and Dragon Basic Rule. You will have 27 points to spend (unless otherwise specified). After you have allotted your points you will choose a race and class, skills and background from the Core Rulebook as well. Every one will start at level 1 (again unless otherwise specified). Your equipment will be selected base upon your class and background.

Lastly you should write a rough draft about your character, this should be 4 lines about your character’s personality, Ideals, Bond, and a Flaw, these can be found in the background section of the Basic Rules. You can look at various locations found on this wiki for some context about the world. Once your character has been approved by the Game Master you can fill out character sheet and story on this webpage and begin to influence and shape the world of Eztyr.


Take a look at the Lore page and familiarize your self with some of the general lore of Eztyr.

The Explorers Guild

The explorers guild is the entity in Eztyr that governs all exploitative activities such as mapping, discovery, and dungeon delving. Lately it has taken to regulating individuals that work for nations in a military capacity. What ever a persons relation to the guild, you can guarantee they will have an opinion about most actions.

Rumors and Work

There are many things going on in Eztyr, and there are many ways to get involved with them. In this area you can find things to investigate and take part in that could change your story, or the story of Eztyr for ever.

  1. Rumor has it that there is a man in Galaphar city looking for people to do some work, though he warns that the work may be dangerous, but you will be rewarded as if you were a king!
  1. You have heard a few tales of a challenge laid forth by an unknown entity in the North Eastern part of the Frozen Peak Mountains
  1. The top military commander in Galaphar is looking for a group of individuals to take part in a special mission. The rewards promise to be just what unknown adventurers need to start a promising career of honor and renown.

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