Welcome to Eztyr!

A world of adventure, excitement and intrigue awaits you. Take your first steps on one of the many roads of the world of Eztyr and see what may become of you. Does death await, or fame? Fortune or unrivaled glory? Take your chances and carve out your story in the tablets of history.

Take a look at our Main Page to get a feel for what Eztyr is all about. If you have been invited to play, please prepare a character before hand following the rules in the “Getting Started” section.

What is the world of Eztyr?

The world of Eztyr is a high fantasy world in which player action dictates the course change. Unlike typical Dungeons and Dragons worlds, Eztyr constantly evolves and changes according to the action and choices of the players. For example: A group of adventurers decides that a group of elves should settle in an area, and they convince the elves to move, and help them settle in, that group of elves will be there for the next group of players to interact with. That society of elves could grow and become a city or an empire later on down the road.

How is the game played?

Eztyr is played based on the rules for Dungeons & Dragons. The basic rules for this game can be found at D&D Basic Rules